About us


a couple who in 2009 decided to design and build their dream house in the Algarve, which was achieved in 2015. Already being partners at the video production company Marreck Media Productions (MMP) in The Netherlands, the step to also become active in the Algarve was small. In The Netherlands we developed and produced video productions, first for television, later for commercial enterprises, NGO’s and private persons. Many of our clients worked within the fields of sustainable development, nature, education or music, where also our interests lie. We specialized in making honest and strong video productions by pure image and content.

Our Dutch activities are now mainly in the past. But for some years now we enjoy very much operating in the Algarve market of (holiday) real estate video- and photography.

What distinguishes us?
These days everyone can make nice photos or a video. Or they think they can. However, we believe that especially with real estate you need to have ‘the eye’. We are professionals, experienced and creative, all so important to make a video or photography shoot successful. We think with the client, we love houses, building and designs. And we work to have fun. This translates in: clear communication, personal attention, enthousiasm, high flexibility, efficient costing

About Louise (Loes) Tikink
During her studies Louise noticed she liked her side job more than her studies. So, she quit university and started out her career in the Amsterdam 5 star Marriott hotel where she soon became co-responsible for large banqueting events. After 6 years she switched jobs and in a few years became sole responsable for at that time one of the most beautiful and unique catering venues and also concert hall in Amsterdam, Cristofori. Later she also worked as an independent event and catering organizer. Her ‘eye’ for set dressing and styling developed during these 12 years in the hospitality industry. Louise made a career switch to (commercial) real estate in Amsterdam, as an assistent. Photography was always her hobby and here she started developing this skill, together with her writing skills. After 4 years in real estate she became a client manager for a management agent in Amsterdam, representing television presenters and actors, for 5 years. In this time she met Louis and started helping him with his assignments, doing production, set dressing and script writing for video productions. When their collaboration turned out to be successful (both private and business wise;), Louise attended the Script writing school in Amsterdam and became a full partner of MMP. When moving to Portugal she was asked to become the local representative for the booking platform Portucasa Holiday Homes, which she did with much joy for more than 4 years. Here she could also practice her photography and writing skills and she got asked for photoshoots by real estate agents and home owners. After Covid Louise decided to focus more on her real estate photography, with success. She also works solo under the name ByLouise.

About Louis (Loek) Marreck
Louis started MMP in 1992. At that time he already worked for Dutch national television as a sound engineer, later as a video editor and from 1990 as a television director. Camera training and experience followed through the years. Louis his strength lies in drama, excellent editing skills and the ongoing creativity and drive to bring any project to a successful conclusion. A few years ago Louis also became a DRONE pilot, because he loves to fly;). A few career highlights: As a director Louis won a prestigious Dutch Children Television Award (the “Kinderkastprijs’), as well as the first price Post Montreux in Moscow, and the second price of the International Youth Festival in New York. The latter two prices were for the Dutch ‘Kinderen voor Kinderen’ TV music shows. He directed four of these in the 90’s and later special shows in Germany followed. Louis also directed several popular national talk shows and live events. He edited and registered theatre shows of some of Hollands greatest performers and large music events. Finally, as a commercial production company MMP produced many corporate videos among others for Heineken, BMW, AHOLD, KLM, different NGO’s and the Dutch government, together with Louise.